Please view the following well presented videos below.  You will see significant historical facts that have been forgotten and held back from the history books.  Your moral compass will guide you into dealing with the truth and this new information.

In the videos below, Dinesh D’Souza’s encapsulates points which can be verified with internet (e.g. searches.
Mr. D’Souza has had a prominent career as a writer, scholar, public intellectual and has also become a renowned filmmaker.





Review the Post Modernists page in
On the Post Modernists page on, we share “the post-modernists” “neo-Marxist” ideas being taught to our young people. Much of the information on the Post Modernist tab is presented by Jordan B Peterson, a top drawer professor and public intellect.  He is is regarded by his current University of Toronto students as one of three truly life-changing professors, and was nominated for the prestigious Levinson Teaching Prize as a Harvard professor.


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